About us

LEDGENERATION — is a LED-based lighting developing and production expert. As soon as we entered a world market we refused from all of the lightning technologies except for LED-based lighting. Why? It is reliable, effective, saving!

Our company was a part of energy conservation equipment leading production company – CREE (USA). We have been working independently since 2018. We have in-house facilities, developing and final product testing departments, and developed logistic and administrative support, reliable furnished parts suppliers. Our main office is in London.

LEDGENERATION products are purchased by the government agencies from all over the world. LED-based lighting for the streets, roads, parking, traffic lights, highways, plants, LED screens are everywhere in demand.

Our advantages

You have a great chance to develop new technologies with us! There are no any risks, minimum return on investment terms.
Clients and partners choose our company due to:

  • We are LED equipment manufacturer, but not a dealer

  • We perform both individual and large government orders

  • We always supply a market with something new

  • We introduce no-load equipment without changing the price

  • Our company has successfully been developing during more than 6 years

  • We appreciate our clients and pay an individual attention to every order

LEDGENERATION stays ahead of the curve due to most advanced LED.

Why do we choose LED equipment?

We choose and develop this field due to it is future technology available nowadays. We are proud of producing and integrating our useful facilities in different fields of living.

There are the advantages and reasons why our clients make a choice preference to our company:

+ Significant low energy consumption comparing to conventional light source;

+ Substantial money and time saving (working during long period without maintenance and repairing);

+ High stability of vibration, mechanical attack, temperature development (from -60 up to +60 °С)..

LED-based lighting left behind electric incandescent, luminescent, gas-discharge and halogen lamps. LED-based lighting saves electricity consumption up to 90%, works up to 100 000 hrs, it is absolutely eco-friendly.

Due to creative technology, LED changes clarity degree, illumination angle and other operational characteristics. New type of lighting provides low eye fatigue, high information perception in paper or electronic format.

With whom we do business?

LEDGENERATION team is always ready for dialogue with different companies. We have a large customer base and it is getting larger constantly. It is evidence about both solid returns and huge cash assets turnover. Collaboration with our company is profitable due to huge order volume:

  • Business centers owners, school directors, health care facilities and administration representatives also choose LED-basing lighting because it meets sanitary-hygienic standards requirements;

  • Working, emergency and security lighting are organized in industry field due to our products. The main thing, there is a greatest energy consumption saving (at least in double) comparing to the other lighting sources;

  • LED street lamps are used by the community facilities providing comfort and safety level during night-time and extreme weather conditions;

  • Shopping capacity representatives purchases lighting tracks with different length and power for huge squares lighting.

LED-screens are used in show business and entrepreneurship activities, TV and education facilities. They perform an advertising function during the PR campaigns and mass cultural events, an information function in the territory of airports and railway stations. LED screens are widely used for sporting events broadcasting at any angle without glares.

  1. Working as a part of CREE Company

    January 2016

  2. Contract implementation of unique lighting facilities assembling

    April 2016

  3. Start of own production

    July 2017

  4. Withdraw from the CREE company

    March 2018

  5. Own production opening

    July 2018

  6. Own incorporation

    September 2018

  7. First contracts making

    October 2018

  8. Opening the first lighting facilities assembling plant

    May 2019

  9. Representation abroad opening

    June 2019

  10. Representation abroad opening

    June 2020

  11. The information is going to be updated...

    January 2021

Why do our company attractive for the partners?

LEDGENERATION is the largest European company with American ancestry. We are proud of both LED-based lighting and screens regular production and final products advertising, its sales and distribution and delivery to the end consumers. There are no any risks at all being our partner.

LED-based lighting market has been developing rapidly. New technologies are introduced on the market every year. So we would like there will be as more participants as possible. Let`s towards a common goal together!

  • Zion Murray

  • Andrew Peterson

    Executive director
  • Matthew Grey

    Commercial Director
  • Julia Garner

    HR Director